Localise any cellphone, worldwide

Welkome to the GSM tracker of Cellzio

How does it work?

Enter the mobile phone number you want to query and immediately see its location anywhere in the world. It can be a mobile number from England, from Belgium or any other country. Cellzio indicates the country where the mobile phone is located, indicating a more exact location is not possible at this moment.

The location of the mobile phone is determined based on a network survey. This requires the mobile phone to be switched on. When the mobile phone is in flight mode, also no postion can be determined.

What can you do with this information?

Suppose you want to know if your family has returned from vacation, or whether your colleague has reached his business destination and you dont want to disturb him. Within seconds you will know their location, and they will not even notice...

Cellzio's phonetracking service is not a free service. For just 9 dollars you can query twenty mobile numbers. After your account is validated you can buy credits. With these credits you can start localising mobile phones. One credit for one query.