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How to find the exact location of a mobile phone...sms tracker

Written at: 2014-09-15 14:13:30

how to find your lost or stolen android cell phone

Some weeks ago I stumbled upon the SMS tracker application. Although the name suggests that the app is just for tracking short messages but it can do more, a lot more.

I downloaded and installed the program onto my Android phone and tested it for some weeks, I must say, I am amazed what this app is able to do.

The app is designed for parents who want their children safe even when they can’t physically see them. You’ll understand that there are a lot more purposes for this software, like when you lost your cell phone or even worse, when it is stolen.

In their own words SMS Tracker is the most complete remote phone tracking and monitoring system for Android phones. You can remotely track and monitor all SMS, MMS, text messages, calls, GPS locations and browser history. You can even see the images that were received on the device.

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How to find the exact location of a mobile phone...Find my iPhone

Written at: 2014-07-27 08:35:14

Lots of people wonder whether it is possible to see the exact location of a mobile phone just by knowing its number. This is, fortunately, not possible through our

Fortunately, when you imagine what that would mean; by typing in his or her cell phone number everyone would be able to see exactly where any given individual is located. How useful for burglars who found your phone number on eBay, once you're far away enough from home they will strike.

Women who are victim of domestic violence would have to get rid of their only link with the outside world, their phone, to ensure their safety.

But even in more innocent matters; imagine that one day you don't feel like having visitors; wherever you hide they will find you.

Still, we can imagine that there are times that you would really like to know what someone's exact location is.

for example; parents who want to know where their children are on a Saturday evening, supervisors of mentally handicapped children or elderly people with heart disease, colleagues of journalists in dangerous areas. These are just a few cases where it makes sense that knowing only the country is not enough, they need to know an exact location. In these cases, a precise location can be obtained, but only with permission of the person being monitored.

In order to be able to determine an exact location on the mobile phone a program has to be activated. Sometimes there is already a standard option on the device present. In other cases it will need to be installed. I will discuss the best-known option for the iPhone in this article. In a subsequent article, the Android option will be discussed.

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