How to secretly find the exact location of a mobile phone AND monitor all communication

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How to secretly find the exact location of a mobile phone AND monitor all communication

Written at:: 2017-07-15 20:02:51

How to keep track of the exact location of a phone and monitor all communication

Often our customers ask us how they can keep track of the exact location of the cell phone of their spouse or children.

First, I would like to reiterate that here at Cellzio, we are not a strong supporter of eavesdropping. However, we do understand the need that parents feel when they fear that their beloved children might get hurt by bad guys that are allways on the lookout for easy prey. Children are innocent and don't oversee their actions as good as we would like. The last couple of weeks "sexting" is hot news again. According tot wikipedia, Sexting is the sending, receiving, or forwarding of sexually explicit messages, photographs or images, primarily between mobile phones.

So sexting is the sharing of mostly compromising pictures through the Internet, mostly done with a cell phone. Without being able to overlook the possible consequences of their actions, children send naked selfies to a lover, trusting that he or she is the only recipient that will see these pictures. As we all know, when they are young, only a small incident is enough for them to break up with each other, and the angry or sad one that feels abandoned sents the pictures to other people or, even worse, publishes them on the Internet. When this happens, the victims often feel betrayed, depressed, embarrassed and angry. Since several young victims couldn't live with the shame anymore, and ended their lifes, many parents got concerned about the safety of their own children and started searching for a way to monitor their actual Internet activities.

So, how can we prevent that our own children make these mistakes and get into trouble? 

How about installing some software on your kids cell phone that will give you the opportunity to not only track their exact location real time, but also keep an eye on all whattsap communication, the pictures they receive and send, the websites they visit and all other things that are going on on the childrens cell phone, without they knowing this? Is it immoral? I don't think so; you only do so because you don't want to see them get harmed and that's your job as a parent, isn't it?

Because of the many requests we got, here at Cellzio we decided to test a variety of cell phone monitoring programs and see what we think is the best.

The test

You can imagine that here at Cellio's we've had a lot of fun testing the "Cell phone Spy Software", as we called it. Everybody was afraid to let their beloved phone out of their site for even a second, before you knew it, someone bugged it without your knowledge and your life would be publicly available on the Internet, for ever.

The winner of the test:


Download mSpy for the iPhone without jailbreaking


Download mSpy for Android


But; what about your spouse? Why is he so hooked to his phone lately, constantly checking his messages and when you ask him what's is all about he just says it's nothing and puts his phone quickly away...

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As you've read above, we can think of enough reasons to monitor the cell phones of our loved ones. But suppose that you want to keep an eye on your employees: they might be looking for a new job, and take your databases with them, leak inside-information to competitors, or spending their working hours on the beach instead of talking to their clients.